MyFlowerBucket Help

Here is a list of topics that may help you navigate this website.

Title Bar

Immediately below the Navigation Bar is the Title Bar.  It defines the page contents and briefly explains the purpose of the page in a bold script font.  On some pages additional page information appears below the bold script font in a regular bold font.  In the lower right of the title bar is a circle with a question mark  that is a link to the help topics page.

Top of Page

The  icon at the top of every page near the flower icon on desktops or the hamburger menu on mobile devices always scrolls to the Top of Page. This is useful on pages with a lot of content, especially on mobile phones to bring option selectors and control buttons back into view.

Home Icon

The first menu item on every page is the Home Icon  .  Clicking or touching this icon navigates to the home page.

Home Page - Not Logged In

When you are not logged in, the Home page has two links above a carousel of pictures.   The first link is to a contact page asking for more information about connecting a Florist Business to MyFlowerBucket.  The second link is to a contact page  asking for more information about a Flower Farm joining or starting a farm group to provide a direct link to Florists in the Farms area. 

Info Icon

The right most menu item is always the Info Icon  .  It is a dropdown menu item as indicated by the down arrow next to it. Clicking or touching it reveals a vertical menu with the Contact, Help, About the Farms, and Terms of Service menu items.  See help topics for these menu items for more information.


The Login page is reached by clicking the Login link in the Navigation Bar at the top of the page.  The page is also displayed if you refresh a page that is only available when logged in and your session has timed out.  To log in enter the Email address and Password you used when you registered the click or touch the Log in button.  Click or touch the Cancel button to return to the previous page.  Click or touch the Register as a new user button go to the Register page  where you can start the new account registration process.  Click or touch the Forgot you password button go to the ForgotPassword page  where you can start the new password process.


The Register page is used to create a new Login account.  All fields are required except the Phone Extension, Website Domain, Facebook Name, and Address 2.  However, please fill in these fields if they apply.  Select the Account Type. Florist or Farm, applicable for the new account.  The Business Name of the Farm or Florist should be the "Doing Business As" name you use for your Florist or Farm business.  It cannot be changed by anyone but the Admin and can never be change once an order is associated with it.  The Email address must exist and be associated with the business.  All invoices and other communications with the business will use this email,  When the registration form is completed an email will be sent to this address to verify its existence to complete the registration.  The Password and Confirm password must match.  Passwords must have at least one non letter or digit character. Passwords must have at least one uppercase ('A'-'Z'). The Password must be at least 6 characters long.  The First NameLast Name, and  Phone Number must be the person managing the business or who is contacted about order related information,  If there is a Phone Extension number please enter it.  Most businesses have a Website.  Enter just the Website Domain, i.e. of your business.  If entered the Website Domain is verified when you click ot touch the Register button.  if the business has a Facebook page please enter the Facebook Name.  Enter a physical USPS street address in Address 1 and ,if needed, Address 2 fields.  Complete the address by entering the City, State selection drop down and 4 or 9 digit ZIP Code.  We are currently on serving addresses in the United States.  When the Register button is clicked or touched the address will be validated with the USPS API and may be modified to conform to their standards.  If the address is not a valid USPS address, an error message will appear at trhe top of the form and you will need to make any corrections.  To complete the form you must check the I Agree with Terms of Use checkbox.  To view the Terms of Use click or touch the  View Terms of Use  button.  The Terms will appear below the form.  Click or touch the button again to hide the terms.  When the form is completed click or touch the  Register  button to proceed with account creation.  You will be sent an email with instructions on how verify your email and proceed.  Once the email is sent the Register Confirmation will appear telling you to check your email.  It mat take a few minutes for the email to appear.

Register Confirmation

The Register Confirmation page appears after successfully completing the Register page and the system has sent an email to the newly registered email.  The new user must click or touch to link in the email to proceed with the account registration process.


The Help page is this page.  It is accessed by the icon on the Title Bar of each page or the Help menu item on the Info drop down menu.  Use the selection drop down on this page to select a topic.  The page will scroll to that topic.  The selection dropdown and the  return icon will follow down the page to the selected topic.  You can also manually scroll to a topic.  If you access the Help page via the icon from another page's Title Bar and that page has a topic, the Help page will automatically scroll to that topic.  Clicking or touching the  return icon will navigate back to the page that invoked help.


The Contact page is used to send an email to the administrator.  This page is accessed from the   info icon on the menu.  There are also direct links to specific subjects on some pages.  If you are logged in the Your name, Your email and Your zip code fields are filled in automatically.  If you access the contact page through a direct link from another page the Subject and a partial Message will be filled in automatically.  The CAPTCHA field at the bottom is required to discouraged email from spam bots.  When the form is completed click or touch the Send Message button to send the email.  When the email is successfully sent the Contact Message Sent page will be displayed to confirm sending.  All fields are required to be filled.

About the Farms

Each Farm may have an About page.  Whether a Farm has an about page and its contents is under the control of an individual Farm Business.  However the contents can be reviewed and altered by the Admin.  An about page has a picture with a caption and one or more paragraphs with a paragraph title and associated text.  A Farm about page may have information about the farmer(s), their processes and their products and anything else the Farm thinks may be of interest.

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use page provides the rules that must be followed the use this Website and the essential rights of the Users and Owner of the Website.  Several Terms of Use topics are listed.  It is the responsibility of all Website Users to read and be familiar with contents of this page.  If the User does not understand and agree with these terms they should contact the Owner.