About Our Woodcraft

Firefly Hedges makes its products by hand in their facilities in York Town and Albany Indiana with locally harvested tress from their farms and other local sources.

Shannon - The Wood Crafte
Shannon - The Wood Crafter

Our Wood
Our Wood

Making Cutting Boards
Making Cutting Boards

OUR Shop

Firefly Hedges makes our products in our shop in York Town Indiana using various power and hand tools.

OUR Wood

Firefly Hedges harvests wood from our farms in York Town and Albany Indiana and other local sources. Our trees are milled locally too. Wood Types Available: walnut, maple, oak, cherry, hickory, white ash, white oak, black gum, red elm, others.

Care Instructions

Firefly Hedges recommends the following care instructions to maintain your Kitchen Utensils and Cutting / Serving Boards.
  • Wash directly after use in warm soapy water and hand dry.  Do not let is soak in water long.
  • Do not wash in a dishwasher.
  • Apply food safe mineral oil regularly to restore a bright finish and it will last a very long time.  Our Finishing Oil is perfect for this.
  • Do not use cooking oils for finish like olive oil, canola oil etc... as they eventually go rancid.
  • A rub of fresh lemon will remove any strong food orders.
  • A fine grit (320) can restore a slick smooth finish, sharpen an edge or reshape any damage.